Deployment of blockchain technologies to automate data and document flows in Italy

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Commercial approach(es) used to catalyse investment: Adoption of an innovative partnership / risk sharing model   

Technology approach(es) used to catalyse investment: Implementation of blockchain technologies

Finance approach(es) used to catalyse investment: Public investment 

Key benefits: 

Improved infrastructure delivery and performance 

Scale of deployment: 

400 processes

Project value: 


Project start/end dates: 

April–August 2022

Current status of the project: 

Planning stage 

Infratel Italia is deploying InfraTech to automate the flow of permit-related data and documents from Open Fiber (GISFO) to Infratel (Geo4WIP) platforms. These permits are currently reported by the two systems through manual activities. The project will apply blockchain technology within this flow to provide greater transparency and reliability of the data in all information passages and to document with process certification and notarisation mechanisms.

The project will make the current workflow more efficient and add experimentation value by enabling evaluation of the potential suitability of blockchain technology for other processes.

Etherna is a ‘blockchain-as-a-service’ platform that makes the use of blockchain technology simple and transparent for any application and process integration.

This is a new solution for Infratel. The introduction of blockchain technology in this context will make it possible to guarantee:

  • Low architectural impact thanks to a high level of interoperability
  • Modularity and extensibility of the solution and its applicability in future contexts through the high level of reusable components made available
  • High reliability and high level of scalability guaranteed by design features intrinsic to the blockchain and the micro service architecture of the API infrastructure
  • All process metadata, subject to certification, will be made available to Geo4WIP and GISFO directly from the Etherna platform and from B-Supply services with guaranteed access to certified data only.


Note: This case study and all information within was submitted by Infratel Italia in response to our global call for InfraTech case studies.

Last Updated: 19 October 2022