A 5G and mobile edge computer network improves reliability and security of data transmission in China


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Policy approach(es) used to catalyse investment: A change in procurement policy

Commercial approach(es) used to catalyse investment: Adoption of an innovative partnership / risk sharing model; integration into project preparation process

Technology approach(es) used to catalyse investment: Implementation of cybersecurity or improved privacy measures

Finance approach(es) used to catalyse investment:  Public investment

Key benefits: 

Improved infrastructure delivery and performance 

Project start/end dates: 


Current status of the project: 

In construction 

In 2019, Zhengzhou Unicom and Zhengzhou Gree signed an eco-strategic cooperation agreement on 5G and Mobile edge computing (MEC) intelligent manufacturing. Zhengzhou Unicom, together with China Unicom digital technology and ZTE, deployed a 5G + MEC private network to improve the reliability of end-to-end data transmission to ensure that the data does not leave the industrial park.

Cloud based scheduling AGV

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This project lays a solid foundation for 5G application security in industrial parks. The technology is advanced, cost-effective, easy to implement, and easy to replicate and offers the following features:

  • Applies the full advantages of Unicom's network resources
  • Adopts next-generation active defence theory technology, combining zero trust + dynamic defence
  • Ensures security of the whole link and whole process in the form of service provision
  • Provides network-wide joint prevention and control, behaviour clue analysis, dynamic security, and other technologies to effectively deal with unknown security risks such as zero-day vulnerabilities.

AI product management safety

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This project, together with the 5G network, simultaneously builds a security protection capability that runs through the cloud pipe end, realising the protection of the whole link and the whole process.  

On the network side of the platform the technology applies:

  • Security capabilities such as differentiated slice security isolation
  • Security measures such as dynamic firewalls for intranet viruses/Trojan horses
  • Cloud-native security for MEC virtualisation security risks
  • Full-life cycle data security capabilities
  • 5G application terminal security
  • Security detection before the terminal goes online
  • Electronic fence when entering the network for authentication
  • Zero trust access control when connected
  • Abnormal monitoring and disposal of matching traffic
  • Security operation services, synchronously and on-demand security capabilities when 5G networks are online
  • Gree security situation awareness and Unicom network side situation awareness linkage
  • The formation of advance prevention, in-event monitoring, and after-the-fact traceability of the active security protection system.  


Based on Gree's deployment experience, the partners have copied and built nine smart factories in the province, such as Sanquan, Yutong, and Zheng Coal Machine, with a signed amount of more than CNY9 million.

Challenges experienced/overcome in implementation

The demonstration effect of the project can bring confidence to surrounding enterprises, and also help to obtain government policy subsidies, while bringing about the allocation of inputs and the increase of marginal benefits. However, the risk sharing model is uncertain and requires moderate risk assumption in the early stage.  


Note: This case study and all information within was submitted by China United Network Communications Co, Ltd Zhengzhou Branch in response to our global call for InfraTech case studies.

Last Updated: 20 October 2022