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We welcome individual, organisational, and private sector company participation in our InfraTech initiatives.

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We are continuing to build our library of case studies on this website. In addition to sharing your experience with a global audience, when you contribute a case study you are also helping us gather data on the progress of InfraTech, which informs our future work – including our work with the G20 on this topic. We have an open call for case studies; all organisations and academic entities are welcome to submit.

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Our InfraTech Leaders Ecosystem is an ecosystem of InfraTech experts, government leaders, and others involved in scaling up InfraTech in their countries or worldwide. The ecosystem shares knowledge and experience, and tests approaches, on the adoption of InfraTech and scaling up InfraTech investment. It also provides input on GI Hub InfraTech initiatives. The stakeholders of the ecosystem are shown in the image below.

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